Architecture styles USA: victorian Italianate

During the 1840s when the Victorian era architecture in the United States lived its golden age,  Italianate style became as so popular as marvelous. Most houses were built in the period up to 1875.

Thouse houses ith low roofs, wide eaves, and especially decorative brackets under the roof was gladly accepted by people of the USA. Often this house also had a small tower with a dome on the roof, which was panoramically glazed.
The style quickly spread throughout the United States with the help of large amounts of published brochures (cataloges), with which ones you can order individual items or even the entire project of the house by mail.
History of Italianate style of architecture
Italianate style originated in Britain in the early 1840s. For the previous 200 years, English homes are usually built in a very formal and classic style without any major changes. But in the wake of a variety of popular and social movements related to the complete rethinking lifestyles began to change and architecture.


In the US, the builders were trying to recreate the Italian villas of the Renaissance had on the basis of Victorian architecture and local, familiar materials. As a result, it is the US style Italiante received the greatest recognition.
Italian architecture in the United States did not know of class boundaries. High tower on the house soon became a sign not only of houses for hereditary aristocrats, but also for people just risen from the lowest stratum of society. Thanks to the new methods of machine production.
Sources say that Italianate style became a favorite for two reasons:

– Houses in this style were built of different building materials, different for each region. Thats why they are accessible for people with modest budgets, who used what was cheaply in their city;

– New technologies in the production of iron allowed to decorate the house presentable and inexpensive very simply.

Italianate style was of the most popular, untill 1870s. It also was popular among the public architecture. Train stations, town halls, libraries in Italianate style, you can find all over the US.

After the 1870s, architectural fashion turned to the later Victorian styles such as Queen Anne.
Features Italianate style:

Low or even flat roof

Tall, narrow windows with top moldings, often arched

High ceilings

2-3 floors

Wide, overhanging eaves with beautiful decorative brackets


Bay windows

Large double front doors, sometimes with glass over them or on both sides

Arch doors


Architecture styles USA: victorian Queen Anne

One of the most recognizable Victorian styles – Queen Anne-style, flourished in popularity since the late 1870’s to early 1910’s. Houses in this style, in the most, have a great amount of little detail, and a tower, and often painted in different nice colors.

With a strongly influenced by work of British architect Richard Norman Shaw, who maintained an idealistic image of an old English cottage and unrestrained decorative impulse, Queen Anne become a kind of “style-of-the-american-dream”.


Queen Anne-style house often have irregular floor plans (different for different floors), the complex structure of steep roofs and gables with sophisticated decorative ornaments.

High windows, bay windows, octagonal or round tower is often also present in this style. Porch can be semicircular, located in a corner of the house. The Queen Anne style is absolutely no rules for painting the exterior, so they can be any color.


Architecture styles USA: victorian Eastlake

The main difference of Eastlake-style from other vicotrians – exterior decoration with lace ornaments and lots of small and nice details.

For Estlake-style homes are characterized by a wider window (than usual), bay window one above the other, and colorful painting of exterior. A huge number of the most outstanding examples is located in San Francisco, California. This style popular all around country.

In California, Estlake-style houses much more vivid, which can be explained by the presence of tourists and local flavor. In states such as Missouri or Florida, home Eastlake usually painted in warm natural tones.

Houses in Eastlake style usually have “the image stretched to the sky” facade due to the narrow and high windows. Some homes have a stained glass elements, all – low pitched roof and 2- or 3-storey format. In California, a lot of these houses have a garage on the ground floor and a long staircase to the first right off the road.

Also especially elaborately decorated porch – with its own roof, columns, carvings and other decorative elements.