Architecture styles USA: Spanish Colonial (Revival)

Very atmospheric Spanish Revival-style was popular in the US in 1915-1940. This is a lightweight version of the Mission Revival style designed for the construction of private homes for the middle class.

This style is common on the South, from California to Texas inc. Arizona and Nevada. This style is very eclectic and often collects a Spanish Baroque, Moorish and Gothic style under one roof. Classic characteristics of the house – plastered exterior, tile or flat roof, arched doors and windows, decoration tiles.
In contrast to the Mission Revival shades of exteriors and interiors are lighter, pillars – narrower, arcades – small or nonexistent. But there are small balconies, covered verandas, beautiful gardens decorated with potted plants.

Features Style Spanish Revival

Construction of adobe, clay, plaster

Asymmetric facade

The flat gable or hip roof, covered with tiles

Arched doors, windows and passages

Ornate tiles with ornaments and mosaics

Wrought iron, carved wood furniture


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