Architecture styles USA: Federal (Adam)

Federal architectural style was a favorite of the United States in the period from 1780 to 1820 – during the reign of the first three presidents: George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Thus, in the memory of Americans he remained as the most patriotic, traditional American home.

However, the parts or elements are often included in the current middle class American homes and later period.

Look past the vinyl siding, popular throughout the country, and you can see the elegant and luxurious elements posing as columns, decoration of windows and doors, trim brick facades and large balconies in the Greek style.


Difficult question: How to distinguish a Georgian from the Federal and Greek Revival?

Remember that the first was a Georgian style (1690-1830), then Federal (1780-1820) and followed Greek Revival (1825 – 1860). On the criterion of age, you can see that the houses that were built earlier are usually more modest appearance, a smaller area and ceiling height.

Also be aware that Georgian style – is s the style of the colonists, Federal – to recapture the freedom of Americans, and Greek Revival – the style of the first serious enrich.

Like many styles of America’s architecture, the Federal has its roots in the British Isles. Three Scottish brothers with the surname Adam adapted the pragmatic Georgian style, adding a neo-classical details.

Newly formed in United States is in need of an elegant architectural style that would become a benchmark for public and residential buildings. Thus he became the North-East.

Features style Federal

The two-storey rectangular building

Low-pitched roof

Raised foundations (brick)

The windows are arranged strictly symmetrical around the front door

The windows are arranged in symmetrical rows

Narrow side windows, elongated, divided into squares

Decorative roof or decorative semicircular crown above the front door




Features Federal style in the interior

– Graceful decorative ornaments carved from wood

– Curved open staircase in classical style

– Decorative plaster for decorating fireplaces, walls, ceilings


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