Architecture Styles of USA: Double-Gallery (Charleston Single)

Double Gallery-style house popular on the South of the United States (Charleston, New Orlean), which has a double gallery (one above one) with columns (rectangular, thin, or Greek round). Such narrowly house facade, situated on a small lot in the city, can be a cottage or small condo (B&B).
That the building type was derived from vernacular structures of Barbados and was popular in period of 1700-1890.

His type of finish is siding or brick, usually white wooden wrought or black iron railings. Tow- or three-story (+can be mansard) format. Sometimes home in this style have even three galleries, each one above the other.
Also house have narrow and high windows, low-pitched roof, shutters for windows and often white color facade (or pastel colors: lavender, light-pink). This style has a distinct French roots, it is popular in states such as South Carolina and adjacent to New Orleans.



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