Architecture Styles of USA: California Bungalow

California is home to American-style bungalows, which were significant for the whole country and later also spread to the south of the country. Comfortable, rational square plan with a maximum practical use of every square meter made this style popular among young families and lower social class.

There are two types of Californian bungalows – some have a massive appearance (photo below , aldo called Craftsman Bungalow), and other ultra-simple. Both types can be called a California bungalow.

Features style California Bungalow:

1-1.5 floor

Sloping roof supported by columns

Spacious frontal porch (not necessarily)

The two basic color schemes for exterior: dark shades – brown, blue, green, red; light colors – white, pink, yellow.

Open brackets and other parts in the Craftsman style to San Fran, and a simple facade for Los Angeles

Ethnic Spanish parts – sometimes on South


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