Architecture Styles of USA: Bracket Shotgun

Houses in Bracket Shotgun style usually have a 1 level and a very narrow front,  and 2-6 narrow window to the floor with shutters.

History of style

Despite the fact that this style looks like a richly decorated Victorian houses, it’s another story. It is believed that this style came to the southern states of the country with the help of Haitian immigrants, who brought in the culture of his vision of residential architecture. More than just a style common in Mississippi, Indiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Texas.

The very first house in this style appeared after the end of the American Civil War, in the years of 1860e. Sophisticated and elegant decorative variations began to build after two decades, up to the 1930s.

The house is most often represented by four communicating rooms, reaching deep into the houses one after another.

 A typical house plan Shotgun style.

In New Orleans, besides the standard layout single family homes, there are options for two families – one-story or two-story. Doors in such a case may be in the middle of the facade, with a ladder, and left and right, with two ladders, but still leading to one big porch.
There are very small variations in the house-style of the facade with a width of two or three windows.

Exterior decoration

Carved wooden brackets for the roof are very skilful, porch railing – wooden or wrought iron. The very low-pitched roof, and the exterior is painted in two or three colors.


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