Architecture styles USA: Second Empire (Mansard)

With its high mansard floors and decorative ornaments on the ridge of the roof of wrought iron Victorian home in Second Empire style look higher than they really are.

Despite a royal name in the US such houses usually have 2-4 bedrooms and a small enough area. Also a lot of in the style of Second Empire are Condo – small apartment house. Widespread they received throughout the United States, almost without exception.

Features style Second Empire:
Rounded cornices
Brackets under the eaves, balconies, bay windows,
Patterned slate roof
Decorative wrought iron ornaments on the ridge of the roof
Towers with domes
Paired columns
High windows on the ground floor
A small porch in front of the main entrance


History of Second Empire style of architecture:
Second Empire is also known under the names of the Mansard style and Napoleon 3 style. He was born in France during the reign of the emperor of the same name (the nephew of Napoleon Napoli) and lasted from 1848 to 1870. Here it is most often used for large architectural structures and residential buildings in the main streets of Paris.

In the US, this style became popular and spread to private households. Here at home in this style were built in the period from 1860 to 1900. It is based on the style of the Renaissance, but rather eclectic as mixed a lot of European traditions. In the US, he also changed, arranged under the standard format in the cottage style of the American dream.


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