List of Architecture styles USA

I collect 50 architecture styles of US here for easy look. Most of them already have a personal pages. Architecture styles – like a mirrow of american life-style and grean image of whole country.

Victorian styles in architecture of US

Queen Anne Victorian

One of the most recognizable Victorian styles – Queen Anne-style, flourished in popularity since the late 1870’s to early 1910’s. Houses in this style, in the most, have a great amount of little detail, and a tower, and often painted in different nice colors.

Victorian Eastlake

The main difference of Eastlake-style from other vicotrians – exterior decoration with lace ornaments and lots of small and nice details. For Estlake-style homes are characterized by a wider window (than usual), bay window one above the other, and colorful painting of exterior. A huge number of the most outstanding examples is located in San Francisco, California. This style popular all around country.

Victorian Italianate

During the 1840s when the Victorian era architecture in the United States lived its golden age,  Italianate style became as so popular as marvelous. Most houses were built in the period up to 1875.


Folk Victorian


English-based styles in architecture of US

Georgian Colonial

Georgian-style in architecture was a major in the United States in the period of 1690-1830 yy. Style is based on English architecture with inspiration from ancient Rome and ancient Greece. This style for many of americans is a symbol of colonization.

Federal (Adam)

Federal architectural style was a favorite of the United States in the period from 1780 to 1820 – during the reign of the first three presidents: George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Thus, in the memory of Americans he remained as the most patriotic, traditional American home.

Greek Revival

The patriotic mood after the war years 1825-1860, turned the attention of Americans in the ancient Greece, which is the birthplace of democracy, rooted in the foundation of the US Constitution. Thus the style of Greek Revival (or Greek Revival) gained huge popularity among high society.


Conspicuous feature of this style from the Victorians are semicircular bay windows, glazed throughout. Also, almost always, we can observe the “crown” of the decorative stucco under the roof. Some of the houses looks like a wedding cake. The peak of popularity of these homes is 1900-1910 years.


From 1890 to 1940, many American homes on the North-East have been constructed on the basis of a potpourri of styles from the late Middle Ages (wooden architecture) and the early Renaissance. Houses with these distinctive characteristics have been grouped under the name Tudor Revival.

Pacific (Seattle)

This style is popular on the Pacific coast of the United States, including the city of Seattle. It is characterized by an asymmetrical shape, trim siding facades and wooden shingles, natural forest- or marine- colours facades. Many homes are located on the hills and have good views. The state of Washington is also full of old trees, which gives the home a special ambiance.


Spanish-based styles in architecture of US

Spanish Colonial Revival

Very atmospheric Spanish Revival-style was popular in the US in 1915-1940. This is a lightweight version of the Mission Revival style designed for the construction of private homes for the middle class.


French-based styles of architecture of US

Second Empire

With its high mansard floors and decorative ornaments on the ridge of the roof of wrought iron Victorian home in Second Empire style look higher than they really are.

French Eclectic (Chateu)

Beautiful, graceful and usually very gorgeous (with French charm), built on the basis of architecture of Chateau looks great! It is against the background of these houses has been done most of the photos “in the style of the American Dream,” which depicted a family with two children, to enter into their new home.


Bungalow styles in architecture of US

California bungalow

California is home to American-style bungalows, which were significant for the whole country and later also spread to the south of the country. Comfortable, rational square plan with a maximum practical use of every square meter made this style popular among young families and lower social class.

Dutch colonial bungalow

Other styles in architecture of US

Bracket Shotgun

Houses in Bracket Shotgun style usually have a 1 level and a very narrow front,  and 2-6 narrow window to the floor with shutters.


American Foursquare

American Foursquare – a style of architecture which was popular in the United States since the mid-1890s to the late 1930s. He has appeared as a reaction to the mass production of decorative elements in Victorian style as the most rational option.




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