Architecture styles USA: victorian Queen Anne

One of the most recognizable Victorian styles – Queen Anne-style, flourished in popularity since the late 1870’s to early 1910’s. Houses in this style, in the most, have a great amount of little detail, and a tower, and often painted in different nice colors.

With a strongly influenced by work of British architect Richard Norman Shaw, who maintained an idealistic image of an old English cottage and unrestrained decorative impulse, Queen Anne become a kind of “style-of-the-american-dream”.


Queen Anne-style house often have irregular floor plans (different for different floors), the complex structure of steep roofs and gables with sophisticated decorative ornaments.

High windows, bay windows, octagonal or round tower is often also present in this style. Porch can be semicircular, located in a corner of the house. The Queen Anne style is absolutely no rules for painting the exterior, so they can be any color.



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