Architecture styles USA: victorian Eastlake

The main difference of Eastlake-style from other vicotrians – exterior decoration with lace ornaments and lots of small and nice details.

For Estlake-style homes are characterized by a wider window (than usual), bay window one above the other, and colorful painting of exterior. A huge number of the most outstanding examples is located in San Francisco, California. This style popular all around country.

In California, Estlake-style houses much more vivid, which can be explained by the presence of tourists and local flavor. In states such as Missouri or Florida, home Eastlake usually painted in warm natural tones.

Houses in Eastlake style usually have “the image stretched to the sky” facade due to the narrow and high windows. Some homes have a stained glass elements, all – low pitched roof and 2- or 3-storey format. In California, a lot of these houses have a garage on the ground floor and a long staircase to the first right off the road.

Also especially elaborately decorated porch – with its own roof, columns, carvings and other decorative elements.


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