Architecture styles of USA: Greek Revival

The patriotic mood after the war years 1825-1860, turned the attention of Americans in the ancient Greece, which is the birthplace of democracy, rooted in the foundation of the US Constitution. Thus the style of Greek Revival (or Greek Revival) gained huge popularity among high society.

Houses in the style of Greek Revival, usually painted white to be more like the white marble Greek impressive and looks like public buildings. Sometimes exteriors are decorated with red brick.

Columns and pilasters are among the most common elements of style. While classic Greek columns round, in the style of Greek Revival used as square and even octagonal columns.

High gables, which, together with the columns makes porticos came from Greek temple constructions.

Columns have two types – with bases in the original Greek, and without, as in the Roman adaptation. They can be ridged or smooth and almost always constructed from wood. Typically, the front door has a side glazing and decorated with a heavy finish in the Greek style. It can itself be a single or double.

The characteristic features of the style:

Symmetrical, rectangular building of 2-3 floors

Columns (1-3 high) at the front and even rear entrance

Heavy cornices and high decorative gables

Decorating the house was made of wood (at least – a brick)

Low-pitched roofs

Cedar shingles for roofs


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