Architecture styles of USA: Georgian Colonial


Georgian-style in architecture was a major in the United States in the period of 1690-1830 yy. Style is based on English architecture with inspiration from ancient Rome and ancient Greece. This style for many of americans is a symbol of colonization.

Features Georgian Colonial style

The rectangular, symmetrical shape (small houses)

The front door in the middle

Decorative columns on the porch

Decorative canopy over the entrance door

Paired chimneys

Moderately pitched roof

Five through the door windows (two on each side of door)

Minimal roof overhang

Many homes also have nine or twelve panes in each window.

History of style

Georgian style became particularly respected in New England in the 1700s. Here, majestic, symmetrical, he tried to copy the English manor.
Over time, the Georgian style became closer and closer to the upper middle class, and became very common in the country.


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