Architecture styles of USA: Edwardian

Conspicuous feature of this style from the Victorians are semicircular bay windows, glazed throughout. Also, almost always, we can observe the “crown” of the decorative stucco under the roof. Some of the houses looks like a wedding cake. The peak of popularity of these homes is 1900-1910 years.

San Francisco – the city boasts a huge number of examples of architecture in the Edwardian style. At first, mainly family wealthy industrialists lived in such houses whose wives had fun decorating the house better than the neighbors. However, the style of Edwardian luxury is always less than the Queen Anne, although also takes elements of temple architecture.

If we look at the roots of the reign of Queen Victoria and King Edward VI, we obtain different chronological periods: 1837-1901 gg. and 1901-1910 years. respectively. But actually these styles under the conventional names do not begin and end in the historical part of the reign of these historical figures. This is only the year in which each of these styles has been the most popular.

Still Edwardian houses were built already at sunset fashion of Victorian architecture and continued after. Edwardian house – have more spacious rooms and windows – taller and wider, and higher ceilings. They also provide greater the number of bathrooms, than Victorian.
Victorian architecture is a clear bias in the Gothic – houses are usually long, drawn out. Look at the styles of Gothic Revival, Italianate, Eastlake and others and compare them with the monumental Edwardian buildings. Edwardian look thoroughly, firmly standing on the ground and wide, even if formally their facades are not much different in size from the Victorian.



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